Our Story

I created Aloha Antonia based on the way Maui makes me feel: vibrant, creative, inspired and loved. Bright Colors, tropical touches & a few nods to the 90’s {my childhood years} were the design basis of creating this lifestyle brand. Cozy sets, punchy t-shirts and retro hats all play a part in the Aloha Antonia culture. When you wear Aloha Antonia I want you to experience all of these feelings along with comfort & style. 

I moved to Maui in 2015 after leaving corporate America in search of a fresh chapter. The island quickly embraced me with an amazing community of friends, a job in the floral design world and a feeling of “this is where I am supposed to be.” Maui invigorates the creative body in me with its lush landscapes, exquisite flora & fauna and local culture. I feel so lucky to have brought amazing creatives onto this project to foster this creativity and create a brand I am so proud of. Welcome to the sunshine !